• Logolo Logopädie
    At Logolo® we will work with you to find the best way for an individually tailored and optimal treatment.
    Logolo® stands for happy speech therapists, innovative work and continuous development.
  • Teletherapy -
    at the time of Corona
    In this way we enable you to reduce personal contacts as much as possible.
    The statutory health insurances are expected to allow teletherapy until January 31, 2021.
  • How do I recognize
    a DLD?
    The characteristics of developmental language disorder depend on age.
    We are happy to help you with any questions you may have about language disorders.
  • Therapies for
    Children & Teenagers
    In therapies, skills are strengthened, deficits are reduced and performance is promoted.
    In children, it is often sufficient to use speech therapy as an impetus to overcome the disorder.
  • Modern therapies
    for adults
    The involvement of relatives is also an important part of the therapy.
    Language problems that manifest themselves in the form of dysarthria or apraxia.
  • Getting nervous?
    In front of an audience?
    We help you with voice and stuttering problems.
    For teachers, employees on the phone, therapists, singers and many more.
  • Specialist
    and parent seminars
    Children need appropriate support from their environment and their parents.
    An early diagnosis with can improve the child's communication skills.

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If you have any questions about therapy, we will be happy to help and advise you.


In our speech therapy practices in Berlin Pankow, Lichtenberg, and Bernau near Berlin, our speech therapists offer speech therapy diagnostics, individually tailored advice and therapy. When treating children and adults from all statutory and private health insurances, our speech therapists also work on an interdisciplinary basis.

About us

Treatment fields & Therapies

Children & Teenagers

In therapies with children, specific skills are strengthened, deficits are reduced and performance in the relevant therapeutic field is promoted.

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Speech and language disorders can also occur in adults, for example due to aphasia, which is caused by damaged areas in the brain.

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In Transition

We as therapists are partly even trans* & queer, have many years of everyday experience in this field. We offer German and English therapies.

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Analysis & consultation

We advise on language development, language promotion, possible risk factors in development as well as diagnostic and therapeutic options.

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Language gives wings, language connects people with one another. Language acquisition by children is one of the most impressive human achievements. Language is one of the most important foundations of communication. Language lets us come into contact with our environment. It is important for personal well-being, self-confidence, a positive attitude towards life and the professional path.

We are there for you if you have problems with your voice, if your child speaks little or indistinctly compared to their peers, if you are impaired in your speech communication due to illness or accident, if you suffer from swallowing disorders, e.g. after stroke, tumors or age-related.

Speech and speech disorders show up in very different ways. The range of suitable therapies is large. At the beginning of a speech therapy treatment, there is always a comprehensive and careful finding.

Our teams offer you expert advice and empathetic offers in diagnostics, advice and therapy for speech, speech, voice and swallowing disorders.

An extensively equipped practice with a large selection of diagnostic and therapeutic material is available to you. This is rounded off by the possibility of video-supported, computer-aided therapy.



Stuttering - The struggle for words

What exactly is stuttering? Time and again people come to our practice who are inhibited in their speech due to stuttering. Many have the problem that they repeat words.

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Developmental language disorder

For several years there have been international initiatives to draw attention to the developmental language disorder (DLD). The motto of the campaign this year is: #DLD-Look!

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Voice therapies for adults

We live in a talkative society and are privately and professionally dependent on our voice every day: teachers, employees in the telephone service, therapists, singers and many more.

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Our team

"I specialize in voice matching for trans people who want a female voice. I have been able to gain many years of experience in this field, but I am constantly developing myself further."

Practice management Pankow

Leah Kühl

Speech therapist
"I am a passionate speech therapist and work with patience and empathy with my small and large patients and their relatives to achieve their goals."

Practice management Bernau

Mareike Vestewig

Speech therapist

Lichtenberg Nord & Süd  ·  Pankow  ·  Bernau  ·  MV

Patrick Neumann

"As Galgo Español, I ensure the good mood in the practice, take the fear away from the children and also support some adults during therapy."



mood booster

Looking for a job?

We are looking for speech therapists out of conviction! For Logolo® Pankow, Lichtenberg and Bernau we are looking for full-time or part-time speech therapists and patholinguists.

  • permanent position
  • 600 € personal training budget per year (at 40 hours)
  • a paid team meeting once a week (also via video chat)
  • Internal training courses organized monthly by our therapists
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Practice Lichtenberg North

This is where all the threads come together. Please visit us in the Möllendorff Passagen.

  Möllendorffstr. 45, 10367 Berlin
  030 235 486 90
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Practice Lichtenberg South

New Practice. More information soon.

  Wilhelm-Guddorf-Straße 10, 10365 Berlin
  030 235 486 90
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Practice Pankow

New - with free dates! At the beginning of the year we opened another branch in Florakiez for you.

  Florapromenade 4, 13187 Berlin
  030 550 677 21
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Practice Bernau

We are also there for you in the idyllic Bernau near Berlin. You can find us there in the Forum Bernau.

  Zepernicker Chaussee 1, 16321 Bernau
  03338 751 59 70
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In the beginning was the Word. Get in contact.

Booking quickly & simple an appointment. If you have any questions about therapy, we will be happy to help and advise you.